Old Fashioned Flatbed Truck - 3D Clipart

It happens often that I am asked to model objects that hold a very important place in the hearts of my customers.  This kind of project is challenging in many ways; the most being the balance between the important details in the model (that customer has identified) and the machineability of the finished model.

In most cases this means leaving out some of the small details in order to not confuse the overall feel of the model.  Most customers would rather leave out things that won't machine at the finished size of the model or, if they do machine, they are not clear.  I find that also the exaggeration of certain customer required details is necessary in order to have the finished part something we both can be proud of.

This model of an Old Fashioned Flatbed Truck is a great example.  The customer was very happy with
the final part and happily let it be sold as 3D clipart so others could us it in their projects.

Below is the image the customer submitted; 

The following 2 images are renderings of the finished model;


I am very happy with they way this turned out.  Don't be shy!  Feel free to leave a comment!



 This Old Fashioned Flatbed Truck has been added to VectorArt3D.com and you are now able to purchase it for $25.00. 
The following link will take you directly to its home on VA3D.com.... http://www.vectorart3d.com/store/index.cfm?Fuseaction=Detail&ID=50732