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    Its time for change.

    Well all good things must come to an end... or in my case its a new beginning.  Its come time for me to hang up my custom modeling shoes and take on a new challenge.
    I have been custom/contract modeling, as a freelancer, for more the 7 years... wow hard to believe.  Its been a great ride, with ups and downs, but over all I am very proud of what I have accomplished.  

    Thanks to many of you for giving me the chance to be part of your project. I am honored to have been chosen to work directly with many of you, in the background, helping you to create something that you were proud to deliver to your customer.  Some of you out there started as a new customers and now I am proud to call you friends.

    There are some great new things on the horizon for me and I am excited to dig my teeth into them.  

    For now will be converted into a personal website for me and my creative endeviours.  I am not too sure how it will evolve but in the short term it will just be a gallery of my past work.  I will still continue to send out to odd newsletter here and there for those who want to know what I am up to.


    Some of you will be very familiar with my other project CNCminiProjects.  

    I am proud to say I will be keeping up with this so if you are not on that mailing list get yourself signed up right away!   

    Every month there is at least 2 mini-projects released and every so often there is a free one!

    Can I ask you for a couple of favours?  If you have been meaning to fire off an image or two of a project we worked on together I would still love to see it.  If you are open to give me any sort of testimonial I sure would love that.   

    You can still follow me on many social networks... links up top on the right... so keep in touch!

    Thank you all for the the past business and I wish you the best for the future!

    Be safe... and cheers!


    Love is in the air!

    Before you know it it will be that time of year again... Valentines Day!

    Looking for a great project to make for your special someone? Consider yourself a Weekend CNC Warrior and want to impress you gal or guy with a perfect customized gift?

    This long stem rose model is part of a mini-project (included with 4 other models) I created for  Pop over there an pick up this gem for $25.00USD!  While you are there sign up for the newsletter and poke around a bit!

    The perfect gift to show someone how much you appreciate them is a bit of your time creating something very personal.

    Be Safe...  

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