Currently I am the Product Development Manager for a new Vectric company called Design and Make.  This new offering is built on a side project I started back in 2013 called CNCminiProject.  Vectric, the makers of Aspire and VCarve Pro, liked what they saw, its potential and it was a chance in a lifetime for me so I took it!

Design and Make

In the past...

"4m3D Creative Design is one of the leading providers of 3D bas-relief models for the CNC (computer numerically controlled) manufacturing industry. I am a proven provider of quality custom models based on my experience gained in this industry since 1999.

I pride myself on creating accurate 3D bas-relief models at a competitive price. I guarantee models that will machine accurately to your specifications.

Is your job small, large or complex? I have worked on pieces smaller than a dime and as large as a full scale bronze cast coat of arms. I am always open to the challenge of providing the complete finished project or collaborating on just a small part.

Creative artistic 3D relief modeling is my focus and I would appreciate the opportunity to work with you or your team to create products that you will be proud to offer your clients."

Recently I was featured on the MakercastPodcast - 39min of me teling my story...

The image above is composed of 2 relief models created by 4m3D Creative Design